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Socage Raptor | Conexpo

Apr 3, 2023 | Fiere/Eventi | 0 comments

The new company was launched last year to focus on the market for tracked aerial platforms and currently offers models from 15 to over 20 meters of working height. “The creation of Socage owner Fiorenzo Flisi, along with tracked platform expert Fiorenzo Lodi Rizzini, has given life to the new entity that is set to revolutionize the world of double pantograph and telescopic arm tracked aerial platforms,” Socage explains. The new range currently includes three products: the 15S, 18S, and 21S models.

Socage Raptor will export its products to more than 50 countries worldwide, including the US, where it presents the new 15S and 21S models at Conexpo. The 15S offers a maximum working height of 15 meters and a lateral outreach of 7 meters, with a basket payload of 225 kg, for two operators and materials, without limitation throughout the working area. It includes a double articulated aerial arm with a hydraulic jib for greater versatility.

The platform is equipped as standard with hydraulic controls for aerial movements and optionally with a radio remote control, for greater operator comfort and safety.

The 21S platform has a maximum working height of 20.8 meters and a maximum lateral outreach of 10.3 meters. The basket payload is 230 kg, for two operators and materials, again without limitation throughout the working envelope. It is equipped with automatic stabilization and locking, for easy and safe use.


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Socage Raptor

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